Notes on German Culture

Ten women’s folk costumes of old Germany

These Trachten, or folk costumes, represent 10 areas of old Germany… these images were used on a series of postage stamps issued early in the 20th century Germany.

East Prussia…or Ostpreussen…was the easternmost part of northern Germany, founded by Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. It was removed from Germany after WWII and is now part of Russia, Lithuania, and Poland.
Schwarzwald…or Black Forest…is part of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany…home of the Romantic Road and fairytale castles. The young lady is wearing the traditional red pummel hat of an unmarried woman. and a typical half timber style house is in background 
Schlesien…or Silesia…was on the eastern part of Germany, a hotly disputed land that was taken from Austria by Frederick the Great to become an important part of Prussia in the 18th century. It was removed from Germany after WWII and is now part of Poland.
Kurmark…or old Brandenburg… the Imperial State held by the margraves of Brandenburg, who were one of 9 Prince Electors of the Holy Roman Empire since 1356. In early modern times, Kurmark proper denoted the western part of the margraviate to the exclusion of later acquisitions.
Friesland…or Frisia…The Frisians are a Germanic ethnic group indigenous to the coastal parts of the Netherlands and northwestern Germany where Friesland includes East Frisia and North Frisia 
Rheinland…or Rhineland…is in the western part of Germany bordering France, notable for
extensive wine growing, its picturesque landscapes, and many castles and palaces.
Hessen…or Hesse…
Hessen is well-known because of Europe’s financial metropolis Frankfurt, and Germany’s largest airport Rhein-Main.
Oberbayern…or Upper Bavaria…
is picture-postcard Germany, where Alpine lakes and villages, mountain legends, and the magnificent city of Munich
Franken…or Franconia…
is a wine region in Bavaria…there is a rich history in the region, dating back at least to Roman times. In the Medieval era, a document dated in the 770s records a winery that was a gift from Charlemagne to the Fulda monastery.
Niedersachsen…or Lower Saxony…is located
in northwestern Germany… the second largest state by area and fourth largest by population


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