Notes on German Culture

German Children’s Prayer at Christmas Time


German Children’s Prayer at Christmas Time, with a Victorian era drawing of a little girl in bed before Christmas Eve. She is dreaming of angels delivering her Christmas tree, complete with lighted candles. The title of the prayer is roughly translated as: I lay here and sleep completely at peace, because you, God, help me so that I can be safe at home.

Original German:

Müde bin ich, geh’ zur Ruh’, Schließe beide Äuglein zu; Vater, laß die Augen dein Über meinem Bette sein!

Hab’ ich Unrecht heut’ gethan, Sieh’ es, lieber Gott, nicht an! Deine Gnad’ und Jesu Blut Machen allen Schaden gut.

Alle, die mir sind verwandt,Gott, laß ruh’n in deiner Hand! Alle Menschen, groß und klein,Sollen dir befohlen sein.

Kranken Herzen sende Ruh’,Nasse Augen schließe zu; Laß den Mond am Himmel steh’n Und die stille Welt beseh’n!

English Translation (It doesn’t rhyme as it does in German, but this gives you a general idea):

I am tired, go to bed, Close both little eyes; Father, let your eyes Be over my bed!

If I have done wrong today, Don’t look at it, beloved God! Your mercy and Jesus’ blood Turn all damage into good.

All those who are close to me, God, let them rest in your hand! Let all people, small and large, Be under your protection.

Send rest to sick hearts, Let teary eyes be closed; Let the moon stand in the sky And look upon the quiet world!


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