History Highlights

There is a German-American link to US independence…The crucial victory at Yorktown

American Flag 1776…13 stars and 13 stripes representing the original 13 colonies that declared independence from Great Britain on July 4th 1776….also known as the USA Flag, Us Flag, 1776 Flag, Bennington flag , Betsy Ross flag and as Old Glory. No one knows for certain who designed it.

As a side note: There is a German-American link to US independence…The crucial victory at Yorktown that assured America’s independence. Without French support, which the Bavarian-German officer Johann deKalb helped attain, Washington openly stated that the war would have been lost. It was the battle at Yorktown that was Washington’s last roll of the dice to determine America’s future. Also, in the battle Germans played significant roles in all three armies: German soldiers were roughly one third of all forces involved. More than 2,500 German soldiers served at Yorktown with the British, but another 2500 fought with the French, and more than 3,000 German-Americans served in Washington’s army. And of course, Prussian-German Baron von Steuben served as Washington’s Chief of Staff and led the reorganization of the U.S. Army during the War for Independence and helped make the victory at Yorktown possible. 

To learn more about Johann de Kalb https://edsimoneit.blog/2018/11/21/johann-von-kalb-a-german-soldier-from-bavaria-his-most-significant-accomplishment-was-helping-americans-get-french-support-for-the-revolutionary-war/

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