Notes on German Culture

An excerpt from a huge beautiful painting that took 6 years to complete.

This huge beautiful painting of Berlin in 1822 took the artist Franz Krüger 6 years to complete. Depicted below is a part of the painting detailing a parade in Berlin in 1822, showing part of the audience viewing the parade from the sidelines, giving us a finely detailed look at a wide range of society at the time. Important actual people are depicted in their finest clothes, along with commoners like the shoeshine boy, and military officers on splendid horses. The painting by Franz Krüger is titled: Parade auf dem Opernplatz in Berlin in 1822, painted from 1824–1830.

Parade on the Opernplatz in Berlin Date from 1824 until 1830

There are detailed portraits all over this painting. As an example, take a look at Karoline Bauer (in a white dress) with a group of artists, including Johann Gottfried SchadowCarl Joseph BegasKarl Friedrich SchinkelKarl Wilhelm Wach, and Christian Daniel Rauch

The lady in the top right corner is Henriette Sontag, a German operatic soprano of great international renown in 1824.

Henriette Sontag

The full painting is shown below, but is hard to appreciate unless seen in detail:

Parade auf dem Opernplatz in Berlin in 1822

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