Notes on German Culture

Lufthansa Art Deco 1926 Travel Poster

This advertisement is from the first year of Germany’s national airline. The airline name at the time was made up of two words… Luft and Hansa… meaning air and merchants…and the poster shows city connections that were available in this first year of the airline.

The 1926 airplane depicted is the Junkers F 13, a transport and cargo aircraft built in 1919, right after the First World War. It was very advanced for the time and was the first all-metal aircraft of civil aviation. Due to the Versailles Treaty, the plane was not allowed to be manufactured in Germany and so the Junkers Company entered into partnerships with Americans and Russians and this plane was used worldwide. When the new German national airline, Deutsche Luft Hansa… DLH…began service in March 1926, it started with these single engine planes.

Fifty Years Deutsche Lufthansa, a German stamp issued in 1976

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