Notes on German Culture

This incredibly ornate statuette is an example of German Goldsmith Art, circa 1586

This incredibly ornate Bavarian-made Statuette of St George was commissioned in 1586 and completed 11 years later in 1597. The materials used to create the 20 inch tall statuette Include gold, enamel, silver-gilt, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, agate, chalcedony, rock crystal and other precious stones and pearls

The statuette was made to house a relic of St George that was sent by Archbishop Ernst of Cologne to his brother, Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria, in 1586. To hold this relic the duke commissioned the production of an ornate statuette and requested that the bearded face of the saint, behind the movable visor, be made to look like his face. The Pedestal was added 44 years later, produced 1638-1641.

The image of this statuette was used to represent German Goldsmith Art on a German postage stamp issued in 1944.


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