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The motto engraved upon the Breast Star encapsulates how Prussia was ruled

The Order of the Black Eagle Breast Star was an award granted by the Kings of Prussia and its design contains a tantalizing clue as to how the small Kingdom came to grow so powerful. The motto that is engraved upon the Breast Star was taken seriously and one that the Prussian kings lived by and instilled in their people. It was one very important philosophy…“To each according to their merit”…a motto that espouses rewarding merit and not allowing corruption or favoritism. It encapsulates how Prussia was ruled and why it became a model of efficiency in both civilian and military organization.

Frederick the Great and the Order of the Black Eagle

Great leaders made this happen, of course, and Prussia had two that were recognized as Great by all historians. The short time period from the era of the Great Elector, when Brandenburg/Prussia began its ascendency, to his Grandson Frederick the Great… who made Prussia a world power… was less than 100 years. Then, in less than another 100 years, Wilhelm I and Bismarck made Prussia even stronger…strong enough to unite all of Germany under their 1871.

The motto …”To each according to their merit”…was engraved in Latin (SUUM CUIQUE ) on the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle in 1701. It was Prussia’s highest award, granted sparingly by the Kings of Prussia from 1701 to 1918. When you see portraits of Frederick the Great, you can see this breast star on his uniform…its the only decoration he ever wore.

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